10 Best Perennial Flowers

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coneflowerIf you love to enjoy your garden all year round, but have little time to maintain it, planting a selection of perennial flowers is your best option.

Once planted and established, perennial flowers will flower during spring and summer before dying off in the autumn and returning again year after year. We take a look at the top 10 perennial flowers that will have your garden blooming.


coneflowerConeflowers are bold and beautiful, especially the Ruby Starvariety. They stand at 2ft tall with the flowers measuring 4 inches. We love how low maintenance this plant is, so there is no effort required at all.


forget me notForget-me-nots are the tiny blue flowers that crop up in woodland areas. If your garden is shaded, the forget-me-not is the ideal flowers as it thrives in dark conditions and it will add a splash of colour to your garden.


gauraThese beautiful white butterfly like flowers look very delicate but can withstand poor weather conditions. ‘Siskiyou Pinkis a rose pink variety that is pretty as a picture. They do enjoy a lot of sunshine so require a bright spot in your garden.

Gloriosa Daisy

gloriosa daisyToto’ and Goldilocks are the most common varieties of Gloriosa and they are certainly very deserving of their name. The blooms have gloriously bright yellow petals with a chocolate brown centre and grow up to 4 feet tall.

Jerusalem sage

jerusalem sageHailing from the Mediterranean, these tall elegant plants have hooded yellow leaves and wonderful fragrance. Jerusalem looks wonderful when planted next to lavender and will make your garden smell as good as it looks.


lavenderLavender is a firm favourite amongst gardeners despite its old-fashioned image. The smell from lavender is wonderful and their long-lasting purple blooms will brighten up your garden right through to autumn. Lavender grows very quickly without much maintenance, so it is a great choice for busy gardeners.

‘Moonshine’ yarrow

yarrowMoonshineYarrow is one of the most carefree perennials you will find. When in full bloom you will enjoy luscious clusters of yellow flowers that will look great against your other plants and flowers. Yarrow thrives in hot and dry conditions so is perfect if you garden is a sun trap.

Salvia Leucantha

salvia leucanthaSalvia Leucantha is a great plant for winter, as long as you do not live in an extremely cold climate. The dense array of bright purple flowers will brighten up the cold days and will continue to bloom until late spring. As it is a winter flower, it does not really matter if you live in a place that does not get much son.


foxgloveFoxglove is one of the hardiest perennial plants, that you can forget about until you see the wonderful blooms that crop up during spring.

Foxglove love full sun but they will survive in a slightly shaded garden also. You can plant biennial foxgloves that have a two year life cycle that produce larger and brighter flowers.

Sedum Telephium

sedum telephiumThis flower will stand proud in any garden, with its vivid green stems and tight clusters of dark pink and purple flowers.

As the weather begins to cool the flowers on the plant begin to dade to a dusky pink, meaning you can enjoy the plant in its new guise as the year comes to an end.

We hope you liked our recommendations and are looking forward to lots of relaxing days spend in your garden. All of our choices are plants that are easy to find and that will not die if you neglect them slightly, so you cant really go wrong!

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