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leo-romorexhibitionsI would like to greet here all like-minded people who share my love to gardening!

My name is Leo, and gardening has already become part of my everyday life not being my profession though.

I spend in my garden every free minute I have; my garden is the best place for me in the world where I can relax after a long working day or have friends in a nice summer day.

I am sure that gardeners make our world better and more wonderful creating the beauty everybody enjoys.

However, behind every beautiful garden is hard work thinking of which withholds people sometimes from gardening.

But you can believe me – for many years I have collected many useful information on gardening I am ready to share with my blog’s readers.

Of course, I do not promise that my advice will help you to avoid heavy job in your garden or turn your gardening to entertainment.

But I hope that my small tips will be of some help for you when taking care of your garden. With the thought of sharing the best in gardening my blog has been created.

I intend to give you some advice how to do planting and weeding correctly, which plants and flowers are better for your garden taking into consideration its size and sunniness, how you can keep your lawn in good condition when there is drought.

I have ready instructions on each plant that you buy. I can share my thoughts on gardening styles – cottage style, Japanese, tropical and so on. I will unveil some landscaping secrets, name the best easy-care flowers and plants and ways how to grow them.

For effective gardening you need special tools. I am ready to draw up a list of basic ones required for planting, weeding, watering, adding borders or planted areas, hedge trimming and lawn grazing down.

To become a productive and proud gardener, you should just follow my simple advice I will give you in my blog. In return, I am waiting for your experience and everything regarding gardening what you are ready to share with other amateur gardeners – both beginners and experts.


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