Dogs Who Like Spending Time in the Garden

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Many people think that a dog who likes to spend time in the garden has an innate desire to be out in the garden, the truth is all dogs need to be out in the garden frolicking and playing at least part of the day.

While it does seem like some dogs find the garden apprehensible while others clamor to get out there every day, truth be told loving or not loving being outdoors is a learned behavior!

You can control whether you have a dog that loves the garden or that does not prefer being outdoors. They will look for your cues to decide what they should be feeling about being in the garden.

If You’re Lucky!


If you are lucky your dog will come to you loving to be outdoors. There are clear benefits to getting your pooch outdoors like:

  • Less dog hair in the house
  • A tired dog is a well behaved dog
  • It helps them to stay occupied
  • It will get you out of the house

A dog that loves to spend time in the garden is a good thing for your household. It means you will be spending less time cleaning up the dog hair and dander in the house!

Typically, when your furry friend enjoys the garden they can easily tire themselves out and get rid of some of their energy. A tired dog is a well-behaved dog. All that extra energy build- up has to be released to have a dog that responds well to commands.

When your pup is out in the garden there are so many sights, sounds and things for them to explore that they stay occupied and it makes their life richer. Imagine if you only went from the bed to the sofa, to the kitchen and back to bed, broken up with a walk here and there.

It would be maddening after a while and not a very interesting way to live. Out in the garden there are bugs and birds and scents that can help to get your dog interested.

If you have a dog that loves the garden it will get you out of the house more to spend time in the garden with them.

What if Your Dog Does Not Like the Garden?


If you have a fur baby that is hesitant or that does not particularly enjoy the garden you can help! As you know dogs and humans alike are pack animals. If you go out into the garden regularly so will your fur baby, they will follow you. You can also make it more fun and interesting by:

  • Providing outdoor toys only
  • Having a bed for your dog that is meant for outdoors
  • Providing treats when they are outdoors that are only given while they are outdoors
  • Spend special time playing together and show them there is nothing to fear

Outdoor only toys can entice them to want to be outdoors.  When you find those favorite toys and train them to leave them in the garden for next time it will give them the desire to get out there and play with their toys.

A bed for your dog that is meant to be outdoors can help them to have their own spot in the sunny garden and make them feel like the garden is part of their territory.

Treats always work wonders! If you have a reluctant pooch, offering treats to coax them outside more frequently can work out well. Do be sure NOT to share the same treats indoors because you want them to differentiate between outdoors and indoors and associate those special treats with being outside.

You have to go outside and play! When you have a skittish pet the best way to help them overcome their fear is to show them yourself that everything is okay! Being with them outdoors in the garden is the single most effective way to get your pup to recognize that the garden is fun!

Safety Tips


Of course you always want to make sure that the environment in the garden is safe so do remember to:

  • Ensure that there is a barrier that prevents your dog from getting out of the garden
  • Make sure that there are no garden chemicals lying around, dogs are curious and can easily get into things that they are not supposed to and that is not safe
  • Be sure that there is no debris laying around in the garden
  • Make sure if your dog is outdoors that they have a place to shelter if it is hot out and that there is plenty of fresh water to drink

With a little forethought your garden can easily become an oasis of fun for your pet. Always take a look around to ensure gates are secure and there is nothing standing in the way of their safety!

Go outside in the garden and have some fun with your favorite friend!

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