How Pallet Collars Can Be Used in Your Garden

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There is a new trend that people are ascribing too. People are making the choice to grow vegetables and fruits in very small spaces. Even in urban areas you will come across much loved and well-tended gardens that are chock full of homegrown goodness.

People are focusing on getting more out of their gardens so that they can enjoy fresh organic food at no cost! This trend has picked up some steam over the last few years on a global level and more and more people are becoming concerned with the safety of their food and how it is grown. Of course it is also a great way to cut back on your grocery bill!

How Are Other People Making the Most of Their Space?


Wooden pallet collars are quickly becoming the tool of choice in gardens around the world. If you have yet to see these gardens you can be the first one on your block to construct one. They are easy to put together and they make the process of creating a garden so much easier.

Wooden pallet collar construction makes these tools the ideal way to create a garden that is highly functional and built to last.  What you need to know about pallet collars:

  • They offer flexibility that is hard to beat.
  • They are very easy to maneuver
  • They can be constructed without tools

You can easily stack pallet collars as high as you want to and use them in different configurations to create a garden structure that fits in your space and suits your needs. Pallet collars are very easy for one person to maneuver which also make them an ideal garden structure tool.


You do not need even a hand tool to put them together. They come together with very little effort and are easy to store if you want to keep a few spares around because they easily fold flat.  They are very easy to transport and carry.

They offer an easy way to section off your garden and get the most out of the space that you have.  Many people are pretty surprised by how organizing their garden can give them a lot more room.

What are The Benefits of Using Pallet Collars?

Besides getting more productive room out of your garden, these great tools offer a way to:

  • Keep moisture in
  • Keep pests out
  • Raise your beds
  • Keep out the weeds

Using these easy to use devices can help you to have to water your gardens less.  You can actually wind up spending less time in the garden without giving up any of the yield. Spending less time with the watering can while still managing to get the same amount of fruits and vegetables.

Keeping pests at bay is always a challenge especially in an organic garden, using these collars can act as a barrier and make the area lest hospitable to pests of all kinds.

Creating raised beds also has the added benefit or making it easier to work in the garden because you do not have to bend over or get on your needs to work in it.


Using collars in your garden can help to keep weeds out of the garden as well. Weeds typically will spread from one area to another in the garden when given the opportunity.

Having a barrier to keep the weeds out of the garden is an easy way to not have to deal with them. Of course having a barrier also means that you do not have to use any chemical weed killers.

The Cost?

One of the reasons that people are looking to this solution for their garden is that it is not only easy it is also very affordable and long lasting.  They offer a great easy solution in gardens of any size and will last season after season.

Choosing this affordable option is an excellent way to really pull your garden together!

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