Several Useful Decisions to Make for Your Garden

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Having a garden is one of the easiest ways to ensure that you are able to enjoy the bounty of the warm seasons and have a fresh supply of your favorite vegetables and fruits.  No matter how much space you have or do not have you can have a garden! Making the right decisions about what materials you will use and how you will assemble your garden can help to get impressive results.

Preparing your Garden


The first decision you will have to make about your garden is how much space you will need for your garden. A lot of urbanites with small backyards are using wooden pallet collars to get more space out of their available space.

You can easily create raised beds by using pallets and wooden pallet colors. You can determine how high you raise your bed by adding more collars to give the bed more height.

The beauty of using pallet collars is that they come together easily and offer a great deal of flexibility when it comes to height. They are a great option for both small and large spaces.

There are three key reasons why choosing raised beds using wooden pallet collars can help you to get the results that you hope for:

  1. Easier access to the garden
  2. Better weed control
  3. Better moisture controlwood

Making the right decision for your garden will make it so much easier for you to get to your garden to harvest your vegetables and make it a lot easier for weed control. Weeds can be kept at bay when you use the right materials to construct your garden.

Of course the fact that you do not have to get on your knees to dig in the dirt is also helpful. It can also be harder for small critters to get into the raised beds.

A little forethought in construction and the right materials can easily help you to have to water your garden less because less moisture will be lost to surrounding areas.

Having the ability to easily contain your garden and keep out weeds and keep in moisture is a great way to make gardening a little easier which of course increases the fun of growing fresh food.

Constructing Your Garden


To construct a wooden pallet collar garden all you will need is the number of collars to get the height that you want times 4 to create a box that you will fill with soil and any amendments that need to be added.

You also may want to line the interior of the box that you create with the collars with gravel to ensure proper drainage.

Wooden collars are a smart option to having to hammer boards together to create a garden box. You are given the freedom to create the depth that you want and to add different levels for different vegetables.

The beauty of using this system is that you can avoid a lot of back breaking labor and anyone can do it.

Hot Houses


If you want to pick up the pace for your garden and get an early start all you have to do is dig a small pit fill it with manure and dirt surround the pit with pallet collars add some seeds and cover with plastic or frosted glass and let the sun do its job.

You can create several of these “hot houses” in a row to create a mini greenhouse area where you can start seeds and get a jump start on the gardening season.

Compost Bin


There is nothing better that you can do for the soil in your garden than to add some compost. Kitchen scraps, newspaper and other biodegradable materials can spend some times together decomposing and create a great deal of nutrition for your garden.

All you need are pallet collars and a pallet. Simply assemble the collars creating a box, layer in some newspaper soil and kitchen waste and cover with a pallet. Every few days you can open your pallet lid, stir the contents gently and cover it back up.

Thinking Outside of the Box


Sometimes the decisions that you make for your garden have to be based on ideas that are a bit outside the “box”. You can get more space for your gardening ambitions by using something that is very common.

You can get so much more out of your garden by thinking outside the box and creating a box that can make gardening easier and more fruitful.

The goal of any gardener should be to get more out of their space without causing damage to the space. Pallet collars allow you to have more control in your garden and compartmentalize it to get more out of your space.

Try something new in your garden and you will be rewarded with a bounty!

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